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Cape Whale Coast
Southern Right Whale

The Southern Right Whales come to the shores of the Cape Whale Coast in about June each year to mate and calve in the shallow waters. Hermanus has gained the reputation of offering the best land-based whale watching in the world because of the excellent vantage points that the cliffs along Walker Bay provide. Many…

Lesser Double Collared Sunbird

Scientific name – Cinnyris chalybeaCommon name – Lesser Double Collared Sunbird, Klein-rooibandsuikerbekkie (Roberts 783) Description Male: The head, throat and back is metallic green, with a small blue band separating the throat from the bright red breast. The tail is black, edged grey. Female: brownish grey above and yellowish grey below. Forages in bushes and…


The Cape has more than half of South Africa’s frog species. Of the 62 different frogs occurring here, 29 are endemic being found nowhere else on earth. Below are just some of the frogs occurring in fynbos. Frogs are found in a wide variety of habitats – from low-lying coastal areas, mountain tops, forests, desserts,…

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