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Cape Whale Coast

Shark Cage Diving

The Dyer Island Group consisting of Dyer and Geyser Island is only 8 km offshore from Gansbaai and is home to about 50´000 cape fur seals, 900 breeding pairs of the flightless African Penguin and uncountable other seabird species.

It is  no surprise then that a large number of the majestic Great White Sharks  have decided that this is where they want to be as there is an abundance of food. This has resulted in Gansbaai being called the  Great White Shark Capital of the World ™

From Kleinbaai, a small natural harbour, boats leave to take keen travellers out to show them Great White Sharks – the Apex predator of our waters.

There are nine companies to choose from.  An average white shark diving excursion takes between 3-5 hours, depending on the weather, sea conditions, shark behaviour and sightings. These adrenaline pumping trips depart early morning and early afternoon, weather permitting.  There is the option of surface viewing or entering the water in a specially designed and very secure cage – no scuba qualifications are needed. During your time at sea 4 or 5 sharks are usually encountered, but as many as 18 have been seen. One can surely  say it is not just the Apex predator that will be seen, but other marine bird life, the possibility of the gracious penguins, playful seals, stingrays and  whales.

Anchored in a safe spot it is time to get the blood pumping. The cage is lowered into the water and the divers are never more than one meter below the surface. Before long the first shark should be spotted.

Snacks and all of the necessary diving equipment is supplied. Rest assured that all shark diving operators have to comply with strict safety rules and regulations set out by the South African government and Marine and Coastal Management.

The viewing takes place year round but it is said  the best time of the year to view these awesome creatures is from June to September, the South African winter time, as the underwater visibility is best at this time. However be sure to schedule a few additional days in your itinerary for your mind-blowing tour in case of bad weather and of course there is so much more to see in the area.

Gansbaai Tourism Bureau: 028 384 1439

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