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Living here, Cape Whale Coast

Living on The Cape Whale Coast is heavenly! Pure nature on your doorstep allows for morning walks along the beach before work. Everything is in close proximity so there is always time to nip home and have lunch with the family. Everyone is relaxed - you'll find business people wearing flops and kids only wearing shoes in winter. This is the perfect place to escape the rat race, raise children in or retire to.

The Cape Whale Coast community has evolved considerably over the last few years. It was always a relatively "secret" holiday spot with a couple of locals offering services to the visitors who came during the holidays as well as many retired people. In recent years this has changed with the exodus of people from the cities seeking a quieter more rural lifestyle with a focus on quality.

The various cultural divisions are still obvious but are definitely in a process of change. A common thread through all the different sectors of the community is the willingness of individuals to assist in school, environmental and community projects. You will find most community meetings beginning with prayer and residents rallying to support those in need.