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Gansbaai, Whale Coast

The Gansbaai coast is known as the "Coast of Contrasts" and the town of Gansbaai as "Big 2 Town" as you can see both the Southern Right Whale AND the Great White Shark here.

The Hiking Trails give beautiful views of the sea and the landscape and leads hikers through fynbos, milkwoods and Khoisan caves. Stanford's Bay, is an inlet between De Kelders and Gansbaai. It is a tranquil holiday resort with a small beach and a freshwater fountain, Flentergat, lined with fig trees that are thought to be over 150 years old.

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Hangklip-Kleinmond Tourism, www.kleinmondtourism.co.za
Hermanus Tourism, www.hermanustourism.info
Stanford Info, www.stanfordinfo.co.za
Gansbaai Tourism, www.gansbaaiinfo.com

Pearly Beach, Whale Coast

Not very long ago the whole of Pearly Beach was made up by a few houses. Pearly Beach grew rapidly recently, but is still a sleepy and mellow coastal town. Many houses are holiday houses and only used over the holidays and during the weekends.

The beach of Pearly Beach is famous. It starts with some rocky outcrops where one can always spot a solitary fisherman. Soon after the rock-pools the beach becomes pure sand and continues forever. Pearly Beach is the best place in this area to enjoy long beach walks.

On the inland side of Pearly Beach is one of the world's hottest botanical hotspots. Several plants species are endemic (i.e. they occur only here and nowhere else in the world) to a small area of lime soils near Pearly Beach.

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